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Quartino Ristorante & Wine Bar is a bustling downtown Chicago establishment noted for its distinctive Italian small-plates menu, vintage decor and attentive, personal staff. Quartino’s menu features Italy’s regional specialties including artisanal salumi, Neapolitan style pizza, delicious pasta and seasonal dishes. Quartino offers five distinct private dining rooms, which are available for birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, special events or business meetings. Customizable menus for private parties include family style, buffet and plated and are available for brunch, lunch and dinner.



The private dining space is a series of connected rooms (The Naples, Venice and Rialto Rooms) located on our second floor that have a rustic feel with antique Italian décor. The rooms can be separated by utilizing the folding glass doors (The glass doors have privacy curtains and there is elevator access to the second floor). Features hardwood floors and tin ceiling tiles throughout. Flat Screen TVs are mounted to the ceilings in each space. We utilize 45” round tables that accommodate 6 people each and there is one large farm table in Rialto can be used as a head table for up to 14 people or for buffet set up.

The Naples Room:
Capacity: 60 seated OR reception
The Naples Room features hardwood floors, tin ceiling tiles, two flat screens suspended from the ceiling, antique mirrors, framed Italian cycling Jerseys and vintage road bike.

The Venice Room:
Capacity: 42 seated OR reception
The Venice Room features hardwood floors, tin ceiling tiles, two flat screens suspended from the ceiling, antique mirrors, and framed vintage Italian cycling Jersey.

The Rialto Room (Semi-Private):
Capacity: 14 seated
The Rialto Room is a long, narrow space that has one large wooden farm table. This space has hardwood floors, tin ceilings, one flat screen suspended from the ceiling, a tall, arched window that faces State Street and a large framed mirror. The space is Semi Private as restaurant noise is audible in this space, one wall is a heavy tapestry. It also acts as a pass through from our elevator area to the upstairs.

La Sala Media:
Capacity: 84 seated, 90 reception
This space utilizes the combined Naples and Venice Rooms.

La Piccola Sala:
Capacity: 56 seated OR reception
This space utilizes the combined Venice and Rialto Rooms.


CAPACITY: 100 SEATED OR reception

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – The Rome Room features beautiful large arched windows overlooking State Street, and has rustic hardwood floors, framed mirrors and décor. There are flat screen TVs mounted to the ceilings in the space. The Rome Room is located at the top of an open staircase, this space is semi-private as restaurant noise does travel upstairs as well as because the space acts as a pass through from our elevator area to the restrooms.

 Rome Room Bar (Semi-Private):
Capacity: 20 seated, 25 reception
The Rome Room Bar is located on the second floor and is a semi private space, as restaurant noise is definitely audible and restaurant patrons must cross through the bar area to access the restrooms. The Rome Bar Room features hardwood floors, a beautiful built in hardwood bar and there is a fireplace that borders one side of this space.



The Wine Room is an intimate private dining room located on the restaurant’s first floor. 

The Wine Room is a long narrow space with one table that seats up to 12 at its maximum capacity. The room is surrounded by curtained windows to the bar area and main dining room on either side, with counters along two of the walls that have built in wine storage and have authentic antique culinary décor set on them.

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